The Trainer

About Myself

I have always looked at personal fitness as a way of life. I have trained every type of person, from people just starting out at a gym, to people competing in body building competitions, fitness pageants, and beauty pageants.  You're never too young or too old.

The point is you want to start a program or learn a new one. I view training as being fun. If you're dreading going to the gym and working out hard, all the fun is gone. You have to look forward to training and see results. Setting personal goals that are attainable and realistic is the best way to go.

Personally training an Olympic Athlete, who competed in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan was a great accomplishment. We set personal goals and strived to meet them at every work-out.

I have also trained Figure competition women. Two of them hold their Pro-cards. I train my clients at both the Ashland and Marlboro Gold's Gyms. I am certified in Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, Sports Stretching and Physiology.

Time to kick your butt into shape? Give personal Training a shot. What do you have to lose?
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